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In Uncertain Times Job Trends May Offer Clues

on Jul 21, 2011 in Financial Advisor Blog, Media Center by Ed Butowsky | No Comments »
In Uncertain Times Job Trends May Offer Clues Published July 17th, 2011Dallas Morning NewsBy: Ed Butowsky This month’s job report showed the U.S. economy is weak and getting weaker. the report caused the stock market to drop because it indicates that corporate earnings will be thinner because consumers are earning less and spending less. Currently, the majority of earnings for...

Lining Up Your Shot

on Jan 06, 2011 in Financial Advisor Blog by Ed Butowsky | No Comments »
Lining Up Your Shot When I first learned to play golf, my father told me to be aware of where the hazards lay prior to hitting a shot. He said course management is often just as important as having the perfect swing. And all these years later, I’ve come to believe that the same can be said about managing a portfolio and investing money. Not having the right...

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