` 2 Ed Butowsky Explains How To Avoid Financial Suicide

Ed Butowsky Explains How To Avoid Financial Suicide

on Aug 12, 2010 in Bloomberg, FrontPage, Media Center by Ed Butowsky | 2 Comments »

Ed Butowsky, Managing Partner of Chapwood Investments Management, appears on Taking Stock with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg to discuss how and why Americans are committing financial suicide. With KKR & Co. canceling its IPO this week, citing unfavorable market conditions, Ed Butowsky explains that you have to “be suspect of any IPOs right now.” You have to look under the hood of any company that is attempting to raise money through IPO. Ed Butowsky further explains that because of the market in 2008/2009 investors have decided to sit on the sidelines and collect 1% or less on their money markets and bonds. What investors fail to understand is by the time you subtract out taxes, economic inflation (which is more than the 1% the government is claiming) and management fees your committing financial suicide. Your loosing significant purchasing power with your money. How much could you be losing year over year? What could you be doing to stay on top of your investments?

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