` 2 Ed Butowsky Joins The Willis Watchdog Panel

Ed Butowsky Joins The Willis Watchdog Panel

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Ed Butowsky, Managing Partner of Chapwood Investments Management, joins Al Lewis, a columnist for the Dow Jones Newswires, and Sandra Smith, a Fox Business news analyst, as members of the Willis Watchdog panel on Fox Business to discuss the following topics:

Highest Paid CEOs

As our economy struggles to recover and taxpayers are left with a bad taste in their mouth after the enormous bailout of businesses around the country how could CEOs be making multi million dollar sallaries? Last year CEO salaries rose about 3%. Toping the list is Liberty Media Corp’s Gregory Maffei, at $87.5 million. While the public may not like over paid CEOs this list comprises individuals who have been compensated based on their performance within their company. Sandra points out further that in many cases the compensation of these individuals is linked to stock performance. The stock options received rarely vest overnight and in this case will do so over the course of the next 4 years. Al adds the notion of pay for performance is key to the analysis of this list. All these CEOs can point to rising stock valuations, and moreover these CEOs have achieved these milestones without taking risks that the shareholders don’t understand or burdening taxpayers to bail the companies out. Ed Butowsky points out the cornerstone of the free market in this country is to make as much money as you can as long as its legal and as long as companies can compete.

Highest Paid CEO Facts:

  • Overall CEO pay rose 3% last year
  • CEO bonuses rose 11% last year
  • #1 CEO – Greggory Maffei (Liberty Media Corp) at $87.5 million
  • #2 CEO – Larry Ellison (Oracle) at $68.6 million
  • #3 CEO – Ray Irani (Occidental Petroleum) at $52.2 million

Small Business Big Money

Forbes recently compiled a list of million dollar business you may have never heard about. Some of the million dollar businesses on this list include Geese Police, Pet Relocation, and Trampoline Arenas to name a few. Ed believes that these up-start types of business stem from creative entrepreneurs, and its this creativity that helps the free market. Both Al and Sandra both agree that there always exist these unfulfilled niche markets, and its these markets that drive these entrepreneurs to define, invest, and capitalize on them.

$1M Small Business Facts:

  • “Full-Figure” Sunglasses maker to earn $2M this year
  • NJ Geese Police for golf courses made $2.5M in 2010
  • Texas Driving Experience made $1.8M in 2010
  • Mabel’s Labels in Canada made $4M in 2009

Bill Clinton A Movie Star?

Bill Clinton can now add movie star to his credentials. According to People magazine, Clinton recently filmed a cameo appearance in the upcoming sequel to the “Hangover” series in “Hangover 2”. Mel Gibson was expected to film a cameo as well, but was quickly fired after the recent scandals surrounding his breakup. Ed explains, as the other panelists agree, this is not the first of its kind in mega hit sequels, and ultimately this is a PR move that will more than likely help the movies publicity.

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